Redwood Empire Veterinary Medical Association

Redwood Empire Veterinary Medical Association (REVMA) was established in 1963 to support the Redwood Empire veterinary community.

We are committed to promoting high quality veterinary care through excellent education, camaraderie and community service.
Our association provides a source for our veterinary community to serve within our profession.

Our association members have served in animal care during emergencies such as the October fires and Russian river floods. REVMA also offer scholarships to both veterinary students and for the local veterinary technician training programs.

I can’t believe that I have belonged to REVMA for over 40 years. A year ago I was at a monthly meeting and as each attendee was announcing their name and their hospital, I said my name and then said “retired.“ Another vet said, “What are you doing here?” This brought some laughter. But, as a Sonoma County veterinarian, there is no other place I rather be on the third Thursday evening of the month.

REVMA offers excellent educational opportunities, the chance to connect with either old friends or to meet the coming generation of our profession, and to feel a part of this community. It has been said that there are only two types of veterinary medicine… organized and disorganized. I encourage every veterinarian to make REVMA a priority — to belong, participate, and think global but act local.

Paul Palmatier

Heritage Veterinary Hospital